Kea Performance Testing and the Impact of Multi-Threading Webinar - April 22, 2020

Learn how ISC has been benchmarking the Kea DHCP server as we work on performance improvements.

We will describe our test bed, and the open source tools we are using to generate DHCP traffic. We will do our best to explain how this simulated traffic might differ from real network traffic. We will share the results of an on-going test to measure the impact of multi-threading improvements on Kea performance. You will also hear our latest estimates for the performance differential between using a local CSV file for leases, vs a database backend. Participants will be able to ask questions.

The test plan is described and images of the major results are documented in our Knowledgebase: .

HTML images, that enable you to see more detailed data by clicking and zooming in, are located at .

The slides and a recording of the webinar will be available on our Presentations page once the webinar is complete.

We invite all Kea administrators and any other interested users to register for the April 22nd webinar at 17:00 UTC/10:00 PDT, at

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