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While sitting at your desk, hard at work managing your BIND server or your Kea DHCP instance, have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh, how I wish I had an awesome ISC shirt to wear, and a cool ISC hat to keep my head warm, and a beautiful ISC mug to hold my coffee”?

No? Maybe it’s just us.

But many of our software users do recognize the importance of supporting ISC’s open source development. We thought it would be fun to also give our friends a more tangible way to show their support for ISC. Plus, with the pandemic preventing in-person tech conferences, our supply of t-shirts is getting stale.


The ISC Swag Store!

Visit ISC's swag store!

By purchasing items from our swag store, you can look great and feel great too! When you buy from us, you’ll help finance our non-profit mission and contribute to a more open Internet for everyone.

Maybe you’d like a t-shirt that says “One name-d(a)emon to rule them all and in the darkness BIND them” (get it?) in the Tengwar script from Lord of the Rings. Or perhaps you’re a fan of the late Evi Nemeth’s 9-layer OSI model. Or it could be that you want a nice-looking sleeve for your laptop. All these and more are available now!

Please visit and make your purchase today to help support ISC. And please let us know if there’s an item you’d like that isn’t yet available: we will add more!

And of course, many thanks for your support.

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