Meet an ISC Engineer - Peter Davies!

To let our community learn a little more about some of the people behind the software you use every day, we are presenting short profiles of some of our engineers and other staff members. We hope you find them as interesting as we do!

Peter Davies of ISC

Our Newest ISC Support Engineer

Peter Davies, a Welshman who lives in Denmark, has 20+ years experience in network applications administration. Peter’s story of how he got involved in DNS may sound familiar to some of you: “I was working as a network tech at SAS and one day the boss threw the ‘DNS & BIND’ book from Reilly at me and said, ‘You’re our DNS admin. You start Monday; read the book.’ “

Peter has been in networking since the days when there were other protocols besides TCP/IP - like XNS, DECnet, SNA, and Netware. He started with BIND 4.8.3 on Ultrix! Peter has worked for The Royal Bank of Scotland, SAS, CSC, Ikea, and Copenhagen Business School. He was quite excited to get a job at ISC: “Well, I never thought I would have a chance. Back in the day I used to think, ‘Wow. Think about working in a place like ISC!’ “

Peter is a native English speaker, but he has also picked up Welsh and “Scandinavian” (a mashup of Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian). He and his family live just outside of Copenhagen, where he reports it is calm and quiet. We know you will enjoy working with Peter and he will do whatever he can to assist ISC’s customers.

Thank you for using ISC’s software and we hope you have enjoyed this peek behind the ISC curtain. We welcome your feedback at and look forward to bringing you more employee profiles in the future.

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