ISC Contributions to Internet Organizations

In addition to all the work we do–maintaining BIND 9 and ISC DHCP, developing Kea, and operating F-Root and our subsidized SNS and hosting services–ISC employees make a number of contributions to other open source projects and Internet organizations.

Internet Organizations

ISOC - David Farber, one of ISC’s Directors, is a current Trustee of the Internet Society. Jeff Osborn, ISC President, is on the ISOC Advisory Council. Leah Symekher, ISC Account Manager is San Francisco Bay Area ISOC Chapter President. ISC as an organization is a “Gold” member of ISOC.

IETF - ISC sends 4 or 5 engineers to every IETF meeting and our technical staff participate vigorously in the development of new standards throughout the year, authoring, revising or contributing to 23 different drafts in 2015. Tomek Mrugalski, the lead developer of our Kea DHCP server, is co-chair of the IETF DHC working group. Ray Bellis, Research Fellow, is co-chair of the IETF Homenet working group. Jim Martin, ISC Director of Operations, has led the team that builds the IETF network for well over a decade, and for each of its 2015 meetings.

DNS-OARC - Ray Bellis is taking up a post on the OARC program committee in January. ISC as an organization is a “Gold” member of DNS-OARC.

UKNOF - Stephen Morris, Sr. Director of Engineering, is a member of the Advisory Committee, and Cathy Almond, our Lead Technical Support Engineer, is co-chair of the Programme Committee for the UK Network Operators Forum. Ray Bellis is also a member of the programme committee, but is stepping down in 2016.

ICANN - Jim Martin is Root Server System Advisory Committee representative for F-Root; Suzanne Woolf, a consultant to ISC, is alternate. Suzanne is also RSSAC liaison to the ICANN board. Ray Bellis is a member of the RSSAC Caucus.

Open Source Projects

Dibbler - Tomek Mrugalski developed this DHCPv6 server before joining ISC, and he continues as lead developer, issuing version 1.0.1 in 2015.

Evldns - Ray Bellis developed this library and framework for small fast DNS servers while at Nominet. He continues to maintain it on github and assist other researchers in using this tool, while working at ISC. Currently, APNIC is using Evldns for some DNSSEC experiments.

GIMP - Mukund Sivaraman is one of the current developers of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

NetBSD - Jeremy Reed, QA Manager, is Vice President of the NetBSD Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors for the Foundation. He is also on the Board of Directors for the BSD Certification Group, Inc.

OpenDNSSEC - Francis Dupont, software engineer, has contributed to the SoftHSM component of OpenDNSSEC.

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