Happy 30th Birthday, GNU!

Happy 30th birthday to the GNU project!

According to their announcement commemorating the event on the GNU.org site, September 27th, 1983 was the day that Richard Stallman first announced the GNU project to the public.

Today the open source software movement that GNU pioneered is vibrant, thriving, and global. It counts among its members a multitude of individuals and project groups motivated by an amazing variety of values and goals. Millions every day use open source software directly and innovation and competition from open source have spurred improvement even in projects that don’t share the open source philosophy.

At ISC we’re proud to be part of the open source movement that the GNU Project trailblazed. We’d like to salute our colleagues (and respected elder siblings) at GNU and congratulate them on their past 30 years of remarkable achievement. Well done, GNU, and thank you for all that you have done to make the world a better place.

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