Designate - the DNS service in OpenStack - July 22, 2020

Graham Hayes (Core Developer for Designate, the DNS component of OpenStack) and Stephan Lagerholm (OpenStack user and DNS enthusiast) will give an overview of the DNS support in OpenStack. They will explain how the DNS service is used in OpenStack, what a typical application looks like, and how managing DNS in OpenStack compares to managing DNS in a traditional network environment.

This presentation is aimed at DNS system administrators familiar with traditional DNS deployments who are interested in learning how to transfer those skills to OpenStack deployments.

OpenStack Block Diagram OpenStack Block Diagram

The slides and a recording of the webinar will be available on our Presentations page once the webinar is complete.

We invite all BIND 9 administrators and any other interested users to register for the July 22 webinar at 1700 UTC/1 PM EDT/10 AM PDT, at

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